Bing Maps now features new top of the world imagery and high-res satellite imagery

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Microsoft has rolled out some new features to its Bing Maps service, now featuring new “top of the world” imagery as well as high-resolution satellite imagery. Microsoft’s new satellite imagery (which covers 13,799,276 sq km) is powered by TerraColor and features a resolution of 15 meters per pixel, and basically gives you a view of the entire world!


“This new imagery will enhance overall viewer experience with Bing Maps and the Windows 8 Maps App. The new Top of the World imagery (pictured above) is visible from zoom levels 1-13. Zooming in deeper will reveal our high resolution satellite imagery,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft has even allowed for reduced cloud cover in areas that have persistent cloud coverage such as high latitude and equatorial regions. There is also bathymetric imagery, which is pretty much a topography of the ocean floor represented by either a dark blue color shading or light blue color shading indicating changes in the ocean depth. “An ocean mask minimizes areas typically obscured by ice and clouds. The combination of the ocean mask and bathymetric imagery provides a more meaningful view of the world oceans,” Microsoft explained. Head over to Bing Maps to try it out!

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