Bing enhances malware warnings with more detail

Bing, like most search offerings, tries to help keep you safe when you're browsing, and has offered a generic malware warning when it comes across a site that looks, well, "phishy."

But now, according to a post on the Bing Search blog, those warnings have become a little less generic, and hopefully more helpful. Bing has also improved ways for webmasters to correct and control their sites if they're marked as potentially harmful.

Previously, any site that Bing deemed being potentially harmful would only show a generic warning, but now Phishing sites, or "fake websites designed to look and feel like the legitimate ones. These sites catch people by taking advantage of a user’s trust in entering information such as passwords, usernames, and credit cards", now have their own warning:

Bing phishing warning
Bing phishing warning

Additionally, if a site contains malicious links, Bing will offer a separate warning:

Bing malware warning
Bing malware warning

As you can see in both instances, Bing will still let you continue on to the potentially dangerous sites, learn more about phishing and/or malware, or just take heed and find another site to visit.

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