Bing Distill invites are being sent out so you can test Microsoft’s version of Yahoo Answers

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Bing Distill invites are being sent out so you can test Microsoft's version of Yahoo Answers

Microsoft is working on curating human answers in a new service called Bing Distill. The word distill means “to extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of.” The service is simple — use your know-how to answer questions people are asking on Bing. Help the community create the best answers when you give feedback. And you can edit your answers and those created by other community members.

The Bing Distill website went live two weeks ago and now Microsoft is sending out invites to those who signed up to be participants of the Beta program. If you signed up, check your email. See below for a copy of the email that was sent out. No word yet on when the service will go live.

You’re in!

Your Bing Distill account is now ready.

Bing Distill is a community where people come together to create high-quality, accurate, unbiased, and trustworthy answers to questions millions of people ask. We’re ready for you!

As you use Bing Distill, let us know any feedback you have. We want to work with you to make this a place where you can make a positive impact by contributing to answers people care about.

Just sign in to and become a part of the community!

Thank you,

The Bing Distill Team

Thanks for the tip, Chase!

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