Microsoft tests Bing Chat’s daily chat turn limit at 200

Kevin Okemwa

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The new Bing

It’s no secret that Microsoft has faced its fair share of setbacks with its new Bing as well as Bing Chat. Several complaints have been lodged where the chatbot was spotted having trouble with longer chats and was even said to have started “hallucinating”.

All these put into consideration, the company began clamping down on the issue by limiting Bing Chat sessions. Initially, the sessions were set to 5 messages per session and 50 chats per day. However, the company has since made significant updates to the chatbot and has seemingly increased these limits.

The latest update released pushed Bing Chat’s daily chat turn limit to 150 from 120, while the per session turn limit was raised to 15.

However, during this past weekend, Microsoft quietly raised the bar even higher and started testing Bing Chat’s daily chat turn limit at 200 and per session turn limit at 20. Microsoft’s Vice President for Bing’s Growth and Distribution team, Michael Schechter confirmed the change via Twitter.

Dependent on how well the test pans out, Microsoft might decide to push the daily chat turn limit to 200. Let us know what you think about this new change in the comments.