Bing can help you find holiday hours for your local businesses

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The holiday season is here with American Thanksgiving less than a day away. Of course, that means businesses might be altering their work hours and giving their employees some much needed time off. Bing is launching a holiday hours feature across mobile and desktop search engines that will inform you exactly when businesses will be available for these next few weeks.

Upon searching for your local business through Bing, a calendar schedule will come up as always. However, if the business or reliable partners have inputted recently changed business hours for the holiday, they will be highlighted for you. This way, all of your last minute shopping won’t be spent looking in a closed storefront.

Microsoft Bing holiday hour feature

This new feature isn’t just for Thanksgiving, but it will be available for all holidays moving forward and will show unusual business hours a full week in advance. You can try it out today with your preferred Bing search engine.

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