Bing is better than Google when it comes to searching for movie showtimes

Bing is better than Google when it comes to searching for movie showtimes

In the old battle of Bing vs Google, who comes out on top when it comes to searching for movie showtimes? According to Search Engine Land, Bing outperforms Google when it comes to searching for movie showtimes.

"After performing movie title searches for last weekend’s top box office hits on both search engines, we discovered Bing returned movie showtimes for 100 percent of the searches, while Google was successful only 70 percent of the time," Search Engine Land stated, citing a side-by-side comparison survey.

We tested this ourselves and found that a quick search on Bing for "Transformers" showcased the showtimes and details for the newest movie "Transformers: Age of Extintion." A search on Google did not offer showtimes, rather, it showcased links to the first movie which came out in 2007.

Microsoft has touted Bing as the better search engine, even launching a side-by-side comparison of their own called "BingItOn." With BingItOn, Microsoft wanted the whole world to see that people prefer Bing over Google.

Bing is already a fantastic alternative to Google, with its constant updates and improvements, and even offering rewards for every day searching. Microsoft says you should expect relevant information to come to you when and where you need it. With Bing, Microsoft wants you to expect experiences to adapt to you and your context, not the other way around. Bing should anticipate what you need and be proactive, not reactive to your search query. 

Try out your own test on both Google and Bing and let us know what results you get. 

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