Bing aims to improve smart search for Windows 8.1

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Bing aims to improve smart search for windows 8. 1

When Windows 8.1 debuted there was an immediate and obvious change in how the operating system’s search worked. Not so much the function, as the form -- it no longer hogged your entire screen, a welcome change. Now Bing, the power behind this option, is looking to also change function, announcing new capability.

Today Bing announces improvements, including natural language search -- for instance, you can type what you want to do, such as “install a printer”, and Bing will return the instructions to handle that task. Users can also type “how to” inquiries, such as how to uninstall an app.

“In addition, we have done additional work to improve common spelling mistakes in the Smart Search bar and to showcase more apps that might be relevant to your search. To get these updates, please make sure you have updated to the latest release of Windows 8”, the Bing team announces.

This forwards Bing another step in the quest to become a platform for the future. The service now powers Xbox One voice search, as well as the Cortana digital assistant for Windows Phone 8.1. This new Windows 8.1 capability is rolling out to customers this week.

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