Bing aims to be more like Google Now with new personalized cards

by Email Twitter: ronwinbeta Apr 16th, 2014 in News

Bing aims to be more Google Now with new personalized cards

Microsoft has just released Cortana, powered by Bing, a Siri and OK Google-like competitor to keep Windows Phone in competition with the two biggest players on the market. Now the Microsoft search engine is taking things one step further, with a Google Now-like feature.

“Starting today, we are unveiling a set of personalized cards on the Bing homepage that will help you keep track of things that matter to you”, says Chen Fang, product manager at Bing.

Customers need to sign into a Microsoft account to make this work. From there, things will begin personalizing based on your activity. “Bing will remember your interests and notify you, as appropriate, across a range of Bing-powered Microsoft services, such as Cortana and the Bing Sports app, for example”, Fang continues.

The update is ready now, so head over to the Bing website and check it out, then let us know what you think in the comments. Bear in mind that it may take a bit for it to get to know you and customize itself.

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