Bing Ads will adopt Google's Upgraded URLs by the end of this summer

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Bing Ads will adopt Google's Upgraded URLs by the end of this summer

Online advertising is a monster of data and analysis thanks to the way browsers can communicate information such as devices used and searched keywords. Also, it is no surprise that Google owns the vast majority of online advertising market share, but Bing ads are still important to companies trying to maintain a brand. In order to better serve their customers Microsoft has chosen to adopt a Google feature called Upgraded URLs and roll the feature into Bing Ads.

Upgraded URLs give companies data about the ads they are running, such as device type used and which keywords were searched. Previously this type of data and analytics was gathered by a similar method which had tracking parameters in the URL of the ad. This old method wasn’t robust enough to keep up with companies changing or tweaking their ads mid-campaign. With Upgraded URLs companies can track the same ad campaign’s effectiveness without any delays.

Bing’s adoption of Upgraded URLs means Bing Ad customers won’t need to relearn a new method of tracking ads, and their campaigns can run in a more familiar way across the Google Ad network and the Bing Ad network. Hopefully this trend of Microsoft adopting Google’s technology will help Bing Ads to remain competitive with Google Ads, and to alleviate issues companies could have running campaigns across networks. Microsoft says Upgraded URLs will be available in Bing Ads at the end of the summer.

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