Bing Ads to expand Bing Partner Program to Canada, Brazil, Europe

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Stephen Sirich, the General Manager at Marketing Microsoft Search Advertising has just announced on the Bing Ads Blog that Bing Ads is set to expand the Bing Partner Program to Canada, Brazil, and Europe. The move comes as Bing gains momentum, as the Bing Network grows around the globe, and as Bing's partnership approaches continue to expand business collaboration.

According to Stephen, the expanded Bing Partner Program will, "recognize partners who have proven to be trusted advisors to their clients and have in depth understanding of search advertising." The program will be available to partners here in the United States, select customers in Australia, Singapore, India, and soon in Canada, Brazil, and Bing's 14 European markets. Bing's expanded and new Partner Program allows top partners who have proven their commitment to Bing and their clients over time to distinguish themselves as Elite Partners. These type of partners will be able to work closely with Bing to shape roadmaps, receive access to events, in-person training, and more.

To qualify to be a part of the Bing partner Program, you must have specific training, Bing Ads accreditation, and business volume. To sign up, you can talk to a Bing Ads representative, or shoot the Bing team an email.

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