Bing Ads offering marketers quick access to search stats in the US

Bing Ads offering marketers quick access to search stats in the US

In the wake announcing Microsoft’s handover of its display ad business to AOL, it was confirmed that Bing is making money as a sustainable and standalone multi billion dollar business. While Microsoft did not release any specific figures with their previous statement, they have just released an interesting new data visualization tool to detail the demographics of Bing’s US audience.

The data released is comprised of unique searches made in March 2015 for all industry totals and December 2014 for specific industries. For context, March is also when it was reported that Bing had reached a 20.1% market share, so the all industry totals are reporting the audience at the height of market share.

The data includes some interesting statistics such as Bing’s share of the US search market is at 33% when including Yahoo searches, and that the Bing audience spends 22% more than the average Internet searcher.

The data is also broken down by gender, age, marital status, presence of children, education, and household income.

The page is a part of the Bing Ads site for explaining the search engine’s products and services to marketers and is undoubtedly a tool for Microsoft making its case statement to advertisers. But it is also interesting data for the average user to take a look at, as it shows how many specific industry searchers are not reached on Google, and the audience Bing is cutting out for itself.

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