Beyond Eyes finds its way to Xbox One

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Beyond Eyes

If you’ve been looking for a game that doesn’t involve shooting a gun, then Beyond Eyes may be just what you’re looking for. Developed under the [email protected] program, this indie game is now available to buy on Xbox One.

In the game which is published by Team17, you play Rae, a young girl who was blinded as a toddler. You must guide her around the world to find her pet cat, Nani which is a big step for Rae because she fears loud noises and prefers to stay in her house. The game’s unique aspect is that the player is also “blinded” by perceiving only the world within the range of Rae’s other senses. The player sees what she imagines the world to be; the world inside her senses is artistically rendered to mimic a painting while the world outside is a scary blank canvas.

It is refreshing to see games such as this on Xbox One because it raises awareness of what people with blindness experience while at the same time encouraging a different type of gamer on to the Xbox platform.

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