Beta testing after Windows 10 is launched: Insider Program highly likely to continue but not guaranteed

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Beta testing after windows 10 is launched: insider program highly likely to continue but not guaranteed

On October 1st, Microsoft launched the Windows Insider Program, allowing interested consumers and IT professionals a chance to beta test Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 operating system. This Insider Program allows participants to evaluate Microsoft's offering and provide feedback to make it better.

However, one question has come up. What happens to the Windows Insider Program after Windows 10 is launched? According to a new report from Ars Technica, Microsoft is 'highly likely' to continue the program after Windows 10 is finalized and made available to consumers. However, nothing is ever guaranteed. Here is what the report said:

"Microsoft personnel we spoke to wouldn'tĀ guaranteeĀ that the Insider program would continue after the release of Windows 10, but they did say that it was highly likely. And it would make perfect sense; it would provide a large scale testing ground for these new features as they're developed, ensuring that they're given thorough real-world testing before they're rolled out more broadly."

The Windows Insider Program offers two perks. First, it allows Microsoft to release regular updates to consumers with ease, thanks to feedback generated by participants of the program. Secondly, Beta testers will be able to do some 'real-world' testing on a new feature or improvement prior to it being rolled out to the general public. This ensures that enough real-world testing is done to ensure nothing is broken.

Windows 10 is set to become the first operating system from Microsoft to be radically different for consumers and IT professionals. Expect to see an operating system that becomes better, quicker.

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