Best Buy is offering the Xbox One for as low as $199, if you trade in your Xbox 360 or PS3 -
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Best Buy is offering the Xbox One for as low as $199, if you trade in your Xbox 360 or PS3

Best Buy offering the Xbox One for as low as 99

The holiday season is just around the corner, and this means we'll see attractive deals from almost every retailer on plethora of products ranging from clothing to electronics. If you're thinking about grabbing a new Xbox One console, Best Buy is offering a very attractive deal, but with some terms and conditions attached to it.

Customers interested in picking up the Xbox One for $199 must trade-in their existing Xbox 360 250GB or Sony PS3 Slim console at a participating Best Buy store. The retailer is offering a trade-in value of $150 which is quite a bargain as you can find the Xbox 360 for a similar price. However, you have to make sure it's in good condition. "Console must power on, not be damaged or have its warranty seal broken to be considered working. Condition, documentation and accessories may affect value," the conditions state.

The offer is in-store only, and is not available at all retail locations. Furthermore, you must act fast as the offer is valid until November 15th so you have to make a decision soon if you want to save your hard-earned cash. If you didn't know, the standalone version of Xbox One is priced at $349.

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