Behind the scenes at how the Xbox Elite controller was made

Xbox Elite controller

Microsoft has made one damn impressive Xbox controller. Called the Xbox Elite controller, this $150 gamepad is encased in a very durable body, with most of the parts inside made of steel. The analog stick is made with a low-friction material that keeps the stick from wearing the steel, so you always get the smoothest movement.

The controls can be remapped, too, with an app for Xbox One coming out to help you do just the thing. The information will be stored in the controller itself, not the console, which prevents lag. You can store two button profiles, so that one profile can be for one game and the other for another. 

On the back of the controller is two pair of elongated paddles that can be used as extra buttons for more gaming excitement. This way you can use them as extra buttons so you don't have to take your thumbs off the analog sticks. 

This controller is extremely customizable as well. The buttons and sticks can be replaced with other parts so you get the most comfortable experience when playing. The controller will come with two different d-pads, two pairs of analog sticks, and two pairs of paddles. Check out the video below showcasing the controller in action.

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