BBC may consider a Windows 10 app if the cross device app opportunities are enticing enough


BBC may consider a Windows 10 app if the cross device app opportunities are enticing enough

Not too long ago, BBC, the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization based in London, rolled out an updated app for iOS and Android, which was given a major overhaul with the goal of offering a more “personalized” service. Unfortunately, Windows users were left out in the rain, as BBC flat-out mentioned “there is no plan at present for a version for Windows Phone or other ecosystems.”

In an official blog post, BBC has revealed that there have been plenty of comments and questions asking why BBC did not release a Windows version of the app, and if one would ever be released. After listening to community feedback, BBC reassures Windows Phone lovers that Windows 10 might be enticing enough to create an app for Microsoft’s ecosystem. “Following the announcements of Windows 10 last week, we will discuss with Microsoft the new cross device app opportunities that are now available,” BBC stated.

“We know we have got a very large number of people who used the existing app and they really like it,” said Robin Pembrooke, general manager of news products at BBC Future Media. “But we also know that a number of users express frustration at things they can’t do – there’s no local news, it’s not the full range of stories, and there’s little ability to personalizeIt will be a big change for a number of people, so we are trying to provide a warning up front. We’ve got easy guides on how to use the new app, and there’s in-app tips to help people use it.”

The updated app was rolled out to Android and iOS devices in the UK, while an app for Amazon devices is set for release in the next few weeks. Surprisingly, BBC elected to roll out an app for Amazon devices, rather than Windows devices. Let’s see if Microsoft’s Windows 10 convinces BBC to make an app for Windows fans.