Battle High 2 A+ is the Xbox One’s latest fighting game

Battle High 2 A+

A new fighting game has arrived on the Xbox One in the form of Battle High 2 A+. The rather old school-style fighter boasts an eclectic roster of fighters, all sporting different fighting styles and looks. The game was previously released on Xbox 360 under the title, Battle High 2, back in 2013. The Xbox One’s Battle High 2 A+ is similar to the Xbox 360 version but has experienced a slight graphical upgrade, some rebalancing, and the addition of a new character. Here’s the official description:

The fast-paced fighting action of the Battle High series comes to Xbox One with improved graphics, balancing, and “enlightening” newcomer, Lucio Marmo, in Battle High 2 A+! Face-off in the tough halls of San Bruno High for the Elementally Advanced and as 13 students (and 1 insidious faculty member) and discover the secret behind the mysterious illness stripping students of their powers!

The selection of fighting games on the Xbox One continues to grow. Earlier this month saw the release a new game based on the Kung-fu Panda films and Killer Instinct Season 3 is due for release in early 2016. Do you enjoy fighting games on your Xbox One? Let us know which ones you’re playing in the comments below.

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