Battle Damage pits the Xbox One against the PlayStation 4 in their latest torture test

Battle Damage pits the Xbox One against the PlayStation 4 in their latest torture test

We’ve seen numerous videos over the years of Lumia phones and Surface tablets going through some grueling “torture tests”, and while they do make us cringe and curse at our screens, the tests are a good indication of durability. This is because the tests usually start off with some tame drops as one may experience in day-to-day usage before moving on to more extreme scenarios, unless they’re by RatedRR who straight up shoots devices with assault rifles.

Today we take a look at yet another torture test that pits the Xbox One versus the PlayStation 4. The goal is to simply drop the next-generation consoles from increasingly higher positions, testing them for functionality after each drop until one of them stops working. That’s the tame part. To take things to the extreme, the losing device gets the chainsaw treatment.

As you can see from the video above, although both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 had parts flying after the first drop, they both booted up afterwards with the PlayStation 4 running a ‘Safe Mode’ diagnostics check prior to resuming normal functionality. Following the second drop, the PlayStation 4 finally called it quits, refused to boot, and faced the wrath of the chainsaw while the structurally rigid Xbox One was up and running without a hitch.  

So there you have it! Even though consoles tend to sit in one place and gather dust for a decade, it’s good to know that the Xbox One is truly built to last. And since we’re talking about extreme cases, in the event that an earthquake was to knock the console off its 2 foot perch, you can rest assured that it would survive and continue to serve your gaming and entertainment needs.

PS4 owners, might we suggest you invest in some bubble wrap? 😉

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