Band 2 gets weight tracking, activity reminders in Android companion app

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Along with their presence in the iOS and Android stores, The Band 2's compatibility with Windows Phone, Android and iOS has displayed Microsoft's commitment to cross-platform technology.  Microsoft recently dropped the price of the Band 2 in the UK, but still appears to be showing even more commitment to the Band. The Android companion app for the Band 2 has picked up an update, and it brings several new changes.

The update brings the Microsoft Health companion app to version 1.3.20128.2 overall.   Thanks to the update, sharing workouts just got easier, as now you can create custom Guided Workouts in the web dashboard, and share them with friends. You can now also track your weight using the Health app and Band,  to help you maintain your current weight, or help you reach your weight goals.

Along with the usual bug fixes, Band 2's Web Tile Gallery in the Health app also sees improvements in this update. Most importantly, there is a new GPS Power Saver function, which when enables extends your battery life for up to 4 hours.

If you have not already downloaded or updated your app, you can do so by clicking below!

Band 2 gets weight tracking, activity reminders in android companion app - onmsft. Com - february 2, 2016
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