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Ballmer writes his last shareholder letter as Microsoft CEO, promises ‘best days are still ahead’

Steve Ballmer during the CES 2013 Qualcomm keynote

Microsoft’s current CEO Steve Ballmer is set to retire and a replacement has yet to be selected. In a shareholders letter directed towards shareholders, consumers, employees, and partners, Ballmer offered his final letter going over Fiscal Year 2013 and how it has been a pivotal year for the devices and services giant.

“This past year we took the first big bold steps forward in our transformation and we did it while growing revenue to $77.8 billion (up 6 percent). In addition, we returned $12.3 billion (up 15 percent) to shareholders through dividends and stock repurchases. While we were able to grow revenue to a record level, our earnings results reflect investments as well as some of the challenges of undertaking a transformation of this magnitude,” Ballmer stated.

“We’ve changed the world and delivered record-setting success.”

Microsoft brought Windows 8 into the world, along with important advancements to Windows Server, Windows Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, and Office 365 during Fiscal Year 2013. “We are proud of what we accomplished this year and continue to be passionate about delivering better devices and services more quickly,” he added.

Microsoft’s shift towards a devices and services company came to light when the company implemented the organizational restructuring, acquired Nokia’s devices and services division, and five new reporting segments. Microsoft has seen “incredible results” in the past decade, delivering more than $200 billion in operating profit.

Microsoft’s primary focus from now on is to create a family of devices and services for individuals and businesses that “empower people” worldwide for the activities they value the most. 

“With the decisions we’ve made this year, the strategy we’ve put in place, the organization we’ve designed, the world-class talent we have, and the devices and services we are creating, we are well-positioned to deliver growth and world-changing technology long into the future. Working at Microsoft has been a thrilling experience – we’ve changed the world and delivered record-setting success – and I know our best days are still ahead,” Ballmer concludes.

Hit the VIA link below to read the entire shareholders letter from Ballmer.

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