Azure Security Center becomes generally available in the UK

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Email Twitter: @TheTechChat Nov 15th, 2016 inNews

Azure Security Center is aimed at preventing, detecting, and responding to threats on Microsoft’s cloud services platform. There’s both a free version that provides basic alerting, connected partner solutions, and security policy setting and assessment. The paid version provides more advanced threat detection across a wide range of possible exploits.

Today, Microsoft announced that Azure Security Center is now available in the UK for all customers:

We’re pleased to announce Azure Security Center is now available in the UK. Azure Security Center helps protect your Azure resources by providing visibility into security across all your subscriptions, helping you find and fix vulnerabilities, and alerting you if threats are detected.

Learn more about Azure Security Center and our approach to data security, or review the quick start.

If you’re an Azure customer in the UK, you’ll now enjoy more robust security. Let us know in the comments if this applies to your organization.

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