Azure portal and SQL Server Management Studio updated with Enhanced loading, monitoring, and troubleshooting

Kareem Anderson

Azure momentum

Microsoft’s Azure portal and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) just received some new updates that include support for loading 20+ data stores both on-premise and in the cloud to provide a more integrated experience.

Updates to the Azure portal include quick load to help integrate SQL Data Warehouses with Azure Data Factory (ADF) and a new task panel for easy navigation. Other new features include the following:

The new features houses more than integrated tweaks. Customers can also get bit more granular with the new troubleshooting addition that enables self-diagnoses of SQL Data Warehouse. Monitoring is another tool in the shed of newer tricks found in the query drill down blade.

“You can now conveniently view the number of concurrency slots that your queries are consuming along with its resource class. This enables you to manage your workload.”

Lastly, issues that were springing up across SQL Management Studio (SSMS) have been addressed with the following tweaks.