Azure Backup Server now supports VMware backup

The Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) is the backup solution to store offsite data, and now it supports VMware VM backups on disk and cloud.

According to Microsoft Azure's announcement, the VMware VM backups are expected to be accessible remotely without installing agents and can discover even information on external storage. Furthermore, any VMs created going forward are protected automatically.

If you haven't used Azure Backup Servers, you can start with the VMware backup features from the outset. Any previous versions will need to install Update 1. Microsoft Azure has even written up a handy step by step instruction to show you how with videos to follow along.

It's a step forward for Azure Backup Servers; previously, data storage was limited to content running on physical machines or Hyper-V. Now, infrastructures can be stored as both on disk or in the cloud.

While it's faster to hold backups on disk for better performance, the potential of cloud backups makes the data storage more permanent for long-term solutions.

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