Azure Application Insights Metrics Explorer gets some new features

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Azure Application Insights Metrics Explorer has gotten a few new features over the past couple weeks, opening up the possibilities for users to better navigate their metrics. There are three major changes, each of them addressing some issues that users have been complaining about for a while.

Percentage aggregation charts are being added, in order to allow you to bring together similar data points and compare them however you’d like, as opposed to just looking at raw data. You’re also going to be getting the ability to freeze the Y values on your charts to highlight smaller changes, and the ability to pin Metrics Explorer grids to Azure dashboards in order to gain a bit more control.

Finally, new users will be relieved to know that some of the most complicated features have been hidden behind their own “advanced settings” checkbox in order to make the interface a bit easier to understand. This way, users won’t have a difficult time understanding which settings are vital and which settings are there to fine tune things.

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