Audible jumps on board the Windows 10 bandwagon, removes app for Windows RT -
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Audible jumps on board the Windows 10 bandwagon, removes app for Windows RT

Audible for Windows 8 is no more - but there's a good reason

Audible, who claims to be “the world’s largest provider of premium audiobooks,” has a long and storied history on Windows.  After being neglected for what seemed like an eternity, the Windows Phone client was recently updated, to good reviews.

Sadly, where Audible giveth, Audible taketh away.  The tablet and PC version of the app is no longer available from the Windows Store. Fortunately, it seems like this will be just a bump in the road, and that there are plans for a universal app in the future.  Windows Central is reporting that one reader was in communication with Audible UK, who had this to say:

"Unfortunately the Audible App for Windows RT is no longer supported. We are currently working on a rebuild which we expect will support Windows 10 when that launches. I appreciate this must be disappointing. As a workaround you should be able to use the Cloud Player from the Library section on the site. This is reliant on an internet connection however, so you won't be able to play a book whilst offline through the Cloud Player. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes but I hope this information helps."

Amazon, who owns Audible, has had a fairly abysmal track record in its Windows development.  The Kindle apps are rarely updated, are missing features present on other platforms, and have serious bugs, like flaky device sync.  Perhaps this year’s Build convention convinced companies to take Microsoft’s platform seriously with Windows 10.

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