Are you having trouble signing into Xbox apps on Windows 8?

Microsoft has today released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which brings many new features to the Windows operating system, some of those features include heavy Xbox LIVE support. Many have been having problems logging into these apps with their Xbox LIVE accounts, and here's why.

Xbox support is deeply integrated into the Xbox Companion, Xbox LIVE Games, Music and Video app on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The apps support logging into Xbox LIVE with your Microsoft Account ID. This sounds great, but it isn't if it isn't working. I have been trying to troubleshoot why I am unable to sign into the app, It turns out that sign-on support isn't available in my country.

Yes, sign-on support is only available in certain countries. Those countries are the United states, Japan, Germany and France. If you are not in one of the countries listed, than your not going to be able to login. It is currently unknown whether Microsoft is planning to open sign-on support for other countries in the Consumer Preview, but is expected to be done for the RTM.

If you are in one of those countries and your still having trouble logging on, you may be trying to login to an account that is set at a different region. You can read up on this here.


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