Are you happy with the recent Xbox One DRM removal? (poll)

by Email Twitter: ZacB_ Jul 14th, 2013 in News

Xbox One

DRM on the Xbox One looked to be a big problem when the console was first announced earlier this year, gamer’s across the world took to the internet to complain about the console needing an internet connection and not being able to freely share games. Unfortunately, because of the complaints Microsoft received, they announced that they’d be removing said features.

Of course, those who had been complaining were delighted, but little did they know what they would be missing out on. As Microsoft announced the removal of DRM features, it was the first time they actually explained how game sharing, discs and more worked, and that the DRM originally coming with Xbox One was actually going to make the console better.

Since then, petitions have started asking Microsoft to bring back the DRM features to Xbox One, because said features were the beginnings of paving stones to the future of console gaming. There’s still people out there who don’t want DRM back, and a number who do, so where do you lie?

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