Arcade puzzler Fat City is the latest indie game to arrive on Xbox One

According to Major Nelson, Fat City is the latest indie game for Xbox One. Fat City tells the story of Chris Knox and his team of hustlers as they scam and scheme throughout New York City looking for the next big score. In Fat City, you’ll need to use your head to plan the best strategy for robberies and plan the perfect getaway. Fat City offers a top down gameplay style and boasts more than sixty targets scattered in all five boroughs of NYC. Fat City missions depend on how you plan and follow through with heists, so you are likely to find better and more rewarding heists every time you play.

Los Angeles-based indie developers, Heavy Iron Studios, brought Fat City to Xbox One through the [email protected] program. The ultimate goal of Fat City is to complete as many heists possible in exchange for the life of a loved one who was kidnapped by an NYC crime syndicate. Fat City is available for pre-order now and will be officially released on October 2nd.

Pre-order Fat City on Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store ($18.49).

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