Apple’s Self Service Repair program goes live, includes a huge tool rental kit

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Apple’s previously announced Self Service Repair program is now live. Those brave enough to repair their own iPhones can now check out the Apple Self Service Repair store, and older repair parts and manuals for current iPhone models.

This new store offers up parts and tools to fix iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE third-generation models. There’s a total of 200 different individual parts and tools, covering batteries, displays, speakers, and cameras, and Apple is planning to expand the program to include Macs later this year. All parts are Apple genuine, and go through extensive testing, ensuring the parts are the same as what Apple’s authorized repair providers have.

For $49, Apple will even rent you custom tools in a huge toolbox, so you can complete the repair on your own. These tools are custom-designed and include torque drivers, repair trays, displays, battery presses, and more. You can use the tools for up to a week and enjoy free shipping. Of course, Apple suggests you review the repair manual for the product you want to repair before doing anything.

Right to repair has been a hot topic in the technology industry ever since the U.S. government expressed its support for it. Samsung launched its own self-repair program, and Microsoft recently partnered with iFixit on Surface repair tools for authorized parties.

Officially, Microsoft said back in October of 2021 that a third-party organization would study the environmental and social impacts of increasing consumers’ options to repair their devices. It recently, though, published a full-on teardown video, showing how the Surface Laptop Studio could be easily repaired.

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