Apex Legends' new update brings 4K, HDR, and more to Xbox Series X consoles

The popular free-to-play video game, Apex Legends, finally received its next-gen (aka current-gen) update today for Xbox consoles.

This means that, after installing the update, those playing on either an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X console can now experience Apex Legends with full 60hz gameplay and HDR on compatible TVs. Xbox Series X console owners will also be able to play in 4K with higher resolution shadow maps and faster loading time on certain elements.

With today’s update, the developers announced that a future planned update would add 120hz gameplay support and a number of additional audio and visual improvements for both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. No specific date for this update was given.

The full, detailed, release notes for today’s update can be read here.

No settings need to be changed for Xbox console owners as the game will automatically detect which version of Apex Legends to play depending on the console being used to run it.

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