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AOL still makes over $500 million a year from its dial-up internet service


A bit of off topic news here that we wanted to share with all of you. Did you know that AOL still makes over $500 million a year from its dial-up internet service, and its the year 2013?

AOL recently released its earnings report for its 4th Quarter 2012 and the report revealed that AOL still makes $500 million dollars a year just from its dial-up internet service, which is more than what the company makes from other divisions/services. For those that don’t remember, AOL (American Online) was a major cultural phenomenon back in the early 90s and who could forget about those pesky dial-up discs that we would always get in the mail. Fast forward to 2013, where cable and fiber optic internet is common, AOL’s dial-up service accounts for the vast majority of AOL’s profits. While AOL’s subscription business is declining as the years go by, the company is still making a boat load of money, simply because the company keeps coming up with ways to find value for its subscribers. A little bit sad to see people still using dial-up internet but also pretty cool to see it last this long.

For nostalgic purposes, check out this 1996 AOL commercial:

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