AOL to lay off several hundred employees

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[Update – 03/10/11] AOL has confirmed that it will lay off hundreds of staffers.

Employees at AOL are back in the hot seat this month as the company faces numerous lay-offs yet again. This time, the acquisition of The Huffington Post can be blamed for the lay-offs.

Remember when AOL fired nearly 2500 employees two months ago? This time, AOL is expected to lay-off several hundred employees from various units beginning Thursday. As of right now, it seems that AOL only has around 5,000 employees but that will change soon.

As cNet news reports, employees that work the editorial and other media product groups will be targeted for lay-offs. Many AOL jobs in India will also be cut. Those that work networking or the advertising sales unit are exempt from the lay-offs.

Jonathan Dube, AOL’s SVP of News, is expected to leave during the lay-offs. Dube used to be a VP at and recently arrived at AOL.

It seems that these lay-offs are as a result of the recent acquisition of The Huffington Post. Guess how much AOL paid for it? Roughly $315 million dollars. Co-founder Arianna Huffington will now be leading the content site of the company and is expected to make some drastic changes.

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