Another Surface Pro 4 rumor: Components, SSDs ordered, points to October launch

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Another Surface Pro 4 rumor

Rumors of a Surface Pro 4 hitting the markets soon continue to bubble up, with the latest one coming from the sometimes dodgy DigiTimes. The Taipei based electronics hardware news and research outlet is reporting that upstream supply channels (makers of components for electronics devices) have been receiving large orders for September shipments, with an expected October launch date. Samsung Electronics has been rumored to have received large orders for a 256GB SSD from Microsoft, reportedly for the SP4. 

DigiTimes further reports that the latest Surface Pro edition will contain updated specs, but carry a similar form factor to the Surface Pro 3:

The new Surface tablet will feature the same ultra-thin form factor, bezel size and large-size display as the predecessor model and will come with Intel’s new Skylake processor and Windows 10.

Like most electronics devices, the components making up the Surface family of devices come from a variety of manufacturers, according to the website’s sources:

 The Surface tablets are all manufactured by Pegatron Technology, while the camera module is supplied by Largan Precision and Newmax. The tablet’s magnesium-aluminum alloy unibody chassis is provided by Ju Teng International; cooling modules are supplied by Taisol Electronics and Chaun-Choung Technology (CCI). Other chip suppliers include ITE Tech, Realtek and Winbond, the sources detailed.

The post goes on to reveal that Microsoft has been shipping some 200,000 – 250,000 units per month for the Surface Pro 3.  That number went up to above 300,000 units with the addition of the Surface 3, and the addition of a new Surface Pro 4 model is expected to have that number rise again to 500,000 – 600,000 units per month, according to DigiTimes’ sources.

While guesses as to when we’ll see a Surface Pro 4 are all over the map (Paul Thurrott said on this week’s Windows Weekly that he’s heard nothing of an impending SP4, for example), and there is certainly some danger of killing SP3 sales just as they’re finally catching on, a new high end model could capture the upper end of the market and ride the wave of Windows 10 marketing while allowing Microsoft to drop the price of the SP3 and the Surface 3.

Microsoft recently revealed plans to significantly expand their sales channels for the Surface, including a possible launch in India, and having a new device to excite the market could help in that effort, too.

Would you ship an SP4 this holiday season, or would you sell as many Surface Pro 3s as you could?

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