Angry Xbox Engineer shares his thoughts on Pastebin about Xbox One policy changes

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Any angry Xbox Engineer has taken it to Pastebin to share his thoughts on the recent Xbox One policy changes. Microsoft changed its mind when it came to the new Xbox One's always online requirement and DRM policy.

The Xbox Engineer stated that Microsoft should have spent more time explaining the great features Xbox One had. "I feel that if we spent less time on them, and more time explaining the great features we had lined up and the ones in the pipes, gamers and media alike would have aligned to our vision," the engineer stated.

Microsoft made it official that the Xbox One will now play disk's much like the Xbox 360, which means you can buy, sell, trade, share games with friends. The console will also no longer require a 24-hour online check, which received much negativity from consumers.

The Engineer also adds that Microsoft is the one to blame for not being clear enough about the new features in the Xbox One. "We at Microsoft have no one to blame other than ourselves for failing to convince those hesitant to believe in our new system," the engineer adds.

The scraped Family Sharing feature, according to the Engineer, would only allow family members access a limited mode of the game for up to an hour at the most.

We recommend heading over to the source link to read the entire rant.

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