Angry Birds Rio is now free on Windows Phone 8, adds new levels and graphics

Angry birds rio is now free on windows phone 8, adds new levels and graphics

Angry Birds Rio for Windows Phone 8 has received a new update, bumping its version number to 2.0. On top of that, the game is now free for all users to enjoy!

"In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – two rare macaws and the stars of the hit motion picture, Rio. Angry Birds Rio pairs the physics-based gameplay of the original game with unique twists based on the film," the app description reads.

Version 2.0 adds twenty new levels and six bonus levels set in a Brazilian port harbor. This is in addition to the vast amount of levels this game has to offer. The update has also refreshed the game with new graphics, just in time for the Rio 2 chapter. There is also a new underwater video, as well as Amazon river dolphins.

Hit the download link below to snag the app. Enjoy!

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