Angry Birds Go and official Facebook app for Windows Phone updated

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Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go is another popular title from Rovio, the developer behind the series, but it’s a little different than the usual Angry Birds games. It’s more of a racing game with lots of twists and turns, providing users with a whole new Angry Birds experience. Recently, the application was bumped to version 1.1, along with the official Facebook app for Windows Phone.

For those of you who love Angry Birds Go and are in possession of several Angry Birds Go “Telepods,” you can now teleport them in the app to get an exclusive look at them, and enjoy them during the game. There are no new features or enhancements other than this, so if you don’t have any collectible Telepods, you can get them in select stores.

Additionally, the official Facebook app also picked up a minor update. There’s no changelog available for the update, but it bumps the app to v5.2.2. So, we’re assuming it just comes with a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to improve the overall experience of the app – typical with most minor updates.

If you happen to be a regular user of these two apps, head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab them — both are available for free. 

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