Angry Birds Epic likely to get Xbox Achievements in future update

Angry Birds Epic to get Xbox Achievements in future update

Unable to sleep last night, I decided to search for a new game to play on my Windows Phone. I’d heard a lot about Angry Birds Epic and was thinking about giving it a go, but as a rule, I don’t really play games that lack Xbox Live integration. The Xbox Achievements provide a great sense of accomplishment by contributing to my overall Gamerscore that’s shared on my Surface Pro and Xbox One and while that may seem trivial, it’s a simple method of gamification that totally attracts me to games that have this functionality and repels me from those that don’t.

As it stands right now, Angry Birds Epic lacks any sort of Xbox Live integration but I had seen several Windows Phone games given support after their launch before so decided to do some searching for any hint of future Xbox Live plans for the quirky RRP. My 2am internet surfing paid off.

While Angry Birds creators, Rovio, have yet to officially announce this, it does look like Angry Birds Epic on Windows Phone will be getting an Xbox Live update in the near future. The Achievement hunters over at have discovered a full list of Xbox Achievements for the game complete with Achievement titles, descriptions, and images!

Seeing this, I immediately downloaded the game and it’s actually pretty solid with smooth animation and an addictive RPG leveling system that will entertain most. Angry Birds Epic is also a great recommendation for those new to roleplaying games as it introduces the genre’s game mechanics in a very easy to understand fashion.

Naturally, no date has been revealed for when the game will get this update. Does Xbox Live support influence which games you download? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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