Android malware skyrockets in just one year, thanks to platform popularity

According to new data revealed today, Google’s Android mobile platform has seen malware skyrocket in just one year, all thanks to the popularity of the platform. From what F-Secure is reporting, Android malware families have pretty much quadrupled.

According to data from F-Secure, between early 2011 and early 2012, the number of Android malware families increased from 10 to 37, and the number of malicious Android apps that were submitted have increased from 139 to 3,069. That’s a lot of malicious apps. This is a major increase in just 12 months. “New families and variants of malware keep cropping up each quarter, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. This growth in number can be attributed to malware authors crafting their infected or trojanized applications to defeat anti-virus signature detection, distributing their malware in different application names, and trojanizing widely popular applications,” F-Secure adds. Of course, it is obvious that the more popularity a platform gains, the higher the chance for hackers to target that platform. So if you are still on an Android platform, be cautious!

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