Android gets added to Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory Workplace

Android gets added to Microsoft Azure's Active Directory Workplace

Microsoft’s cloud platform has been adding features left and right, one of the newest is adding Android support to Azure Active Directory Workplace. By adding additional devices, users can bring their own Android devices to work and securely connect to their Azure Active Directory. The new app will prompt users for their multi-factor authentication to ensure the device can be trusted. Android has the vast majority of the smartphone market, so it makes sense for Microsoft to enable secure ways for users to connect the devices they already have.

Android gets added to Azure's Active Directory Workplace

Enterprise IT has shifted from company devices to a Bring-Your-Own-Device culture and while this new BYOD way of doing things is good for employees to use their own personal devices they are comfortable with, the IT department has to change how they ensure security to incorporate the wide range of new devices. Microsoft is doing a good job of delivering relevant apps which make the workplace easier for IT and more convenient for workers while not sacrificing security.

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