Amazon wants to be a streaming video competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE service

Xbox streaming video via Netflix

According to a new report, Amazon is looking to release its own TV set-top box that would stream video content via the internet to a customers home. Amazon would be in direct competition with Apple TV, Roku, and especially Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.

Sources close to the matter have revealed that Amazon is working on this device and it is due later this year. The device will connect to TVs and provide access to Amazon’s video services, including Amazon Video on Demand. Amazon already has a ton of content and an existing billing platform for its website/store.

Amazon would be in direct competition with Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE service, which offers access to CinemaNow, DailyMotion, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and much more. Xbox LIVE will soon have VEVO and HBO Go as additional sources of video content.

Amazon already allows its content to be viewed on competing set-top boxes. However, with Amazon’s set-top box, Amazon has the opportunity to be placed directly in the center of a consumer’s living room as well as offer app developers more opportunities. Microsoft is already working on its next generation Xbox, which is set for its big revelation on May 21st. Microsoft is rumored to be taking over your living room by utilizing your current set-top box paired with the next gen console, but no details about this have been revealed.

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