Amazon offers 50% discount on Destiny for Xbox One and Xbox 360, both now cost $29.99

Sean Cameron


Destiny caused something of a stir upon its release. Attempting to blend MMO social features with a slick FPS campaign, this new title from former Halo developer Bungie enjoyed a great deal of success upon its release.

If you have yet still to dip your toes into the wider Destiny universe, now might be the best time. At the moment, for a limited time, Amazon has discounted both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Destiny by 50%. Formerly $59.99 each, players can now pick up a copy for $29.99, plus free shipping.

Featuring an immersive universe, strong co-operative multiplayer, excellent graphics and a long campaign mode, Destiny is a strong addition to the current console generation, and is highly deserving of a quick play. If you wish to pick up the title, you can do so here.

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