Amazon is offering some significant savings on Surface Book

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It was bound to happen! In light of the new Surface Book i7 yesterday, it seems Amazon is riding the high of Surface announcements by providing the original Surface Book at a cheaper price. The popular Surface laptop is on sale for up to 25%.


Here are the available Surface Book devices that are on sale:

The prices are still steep, but compared to the original price, they’re not too shabby. Otherwise, you might be interested in waiting just a little bit longer for the Surface Book i7. According to the news, that model will be available as early as next month with pre-order starting ‘soon.’ Not to mention the price is just a few hundred higher than the original with increased battery life and performance improvements.

If Amazon isn’t enough of a discount for you, don’t forget that Microsoft is accepting your MacBook Pro and Air devices for a trade-in value of up to $650 towards your purchase of a Surface Book. One thing is certain, those shiny new Surface accessories make owning a Surface Book more appealing than ever.

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