Amazon has Fallout 4 for PC on sale for $29.99, limited time offer

Fallout 4 is one of the most exciting and best-reviewed gaming titles in quite some time, on all platforms. Offering an extensive storyline, excellent performance, and a ton of luscious graphics, Fallout 4 should be in every serious gamer's repertoire. Amazon apparently agrees as they're currently offering the PC version for a cool $29.99.

This is a limited time offer, with only twelve hours remaining as this story goes to press.

Amazon Fallout 4 PC Offer
Amazon Fallout 4 PC offer.


If you've wanted to give Fallout 4 a try on your Windows PC, but didn't want to spend the usual $59.99, then here's your chance. If you're an Amazon Prime member, even better, because it qualifies for the free two-day shipping you've come to expect.

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