Amazon and Walmart already selling Xbox One games at a discount

Amazon and Walmart already selling Xbox One games at a discount

You’ve just spent a few hundred dollars on a new Xbox One, but the expense doesn’t end there — you need games! New titles for new consoles are notoriously expensive, and just a few days after launch there is no second hand market where you could pick up a bargain. But despite the fact the Xbox One has only been on sale for three days, it is already possible to pick up cheap(er) games.

Many new games are supposed to retail for $59.99, and you would expect to have to wait some months until prices start to drop. But Walmart and Amazon are already cutting the price on a number of titles including Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome.

It is a little surprising to find that games are already being discounted (and $10 off a $60 game is not to be sniffed at), but it is a great marketing move. Having already spent money on a console which is, let’s be honest, not cheap, anything that can be done to encourage shoppers into buying games that they might otherwise have delayed is a win for everyone involved.

As well as boosting the game collections of Xbox One owners, the price drops are likely to help increase impulse purchases, particularly through the holiday season as shoppers look for last minute presents for friends and loved ones (and themselves!). Have you spotted any other great deals online or in store?

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