All this week's Xbox news recapped

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The latest episode of the official This Week On Xbox video series has gone live and can now be viewed either via the embedded YouTube video below or on an Xbox One console. The video recaps most of the officially announced Xbox One news this week such as the new Xbox One dashboard, the Halo 5 Xbox One bundle, the newly announced Witcher 3 expansion pack, Fallout 4’s latest promotional media, Forza 6, Destiny’s latest updates, Fifa 16, NHL 16, and the release of indie titles; Plague Inc. Evolved, Inside My Radio, and Overruled.

Some news not covered in the official video are the recent Xbox 360 update that included 2G of cloud storage, GameStop phasing out Xbox One bundles with digital downloads, and the Xbox app updating on Windows 10.
Which of these Xbox One news stories got you the most excited this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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