All hands on deck as Windows 8.1, Surface 2, Xbox One and WP8 GDR3 head towards release

Zac Bowden

Windows 8.1

Microsoft has a very busy next few months coming up, and it all starts with the highly anticipated update for Windows 8, also known as Windows 8.1. We know Microsoft is technically ‘finished’ with Windows 8.1, but as RTM doesn’t stand for RTM anymore, parts of the Windows team have still been working on the OS for release on October 17th.

Nothing has stopped Microsoft in continuing to develop what might probably be one of the best pieces of hardware they’ve ever created. Surface 2 will launch alongside Surface Pro 2 as well. The Surface Pro 2, which in many peoples eyes, is a much more successful product given the fact it can run old Windows 32 applications and comes with a plethora of new and improved features. October 22nd will be the launch date for the two new Surface 2 devices.

Xbox One is too set to launch within the next two months. Xbox One is probably Microsoft’s biggest product release this year. Right now, Xbox One isn’t finished, well at least it’s operating system isn’t. The Xbox One OS is still in beta testing, and they haven’t got long before it needs to RTM for release in November. You may wonder how this is possible as production for the Xbox One began weeks ago. Xbox One will require an internet connection when setting up for the first time, as the console will come with pre-release software. Connecting to the internet will download the final version of the operating system, which will allow you to setup the console. This is a common practice for hardware makers and is nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s widely known that Windows Phone is a mobile platform that’s rather far behind the competition. Microsoft and the Windows team are aware of this, and are scheduling Windows Phone GDR3 for release within the next few months. Since the Windows team is pretty much under one roof now, you’ll certainly have a number of different people from within the team working finishing everything for release in time.

It’s a very busy time at Microsoft, and they are working real hard to get their code and hardware out on time. After the rush of 2013 is over, it’ll be starting all again with the Windows 8.1 GDR Spring 2014 update, Windows Phone 8.1 and the unification between both platforms, which is all set to happen during the beginning of 2014.