AirMech Arena, latest game to hit Xbox One Marketplace

AirMech Arena, latest game to hit Xbox One Marketplace

Free-to-play, AirMech Arena is an unrelenting real-time strategy game, where players can team up and destroy enemy mech bases. It is the latest game to hit the Xbox One, although I would like to see more actual games hit the Xbox One, this is the latest Microsoft game offering that reminds me more of the arcade section on the Xbox 360. In AirMech Arena, the object of the game is to build up your mech forces in order to destroy your enemy’s fortress.

In the future, AirMechs are the remnants of the “Great War,” created using lost technology you can choose to pillage or protect, but somehow it’s always more fun to pillage. The gameplay reminds me a bit of Starcraft 2, but on a purely mech-basis. You can get bonuses and upgrades to your mech army and play on Xbox Live with your friends for or against other people on Xbox Live. The choice is yours.

Check out this short gameplay for AirMech Arena on Xbox One below.

Oh and don’t forget to download AirMech Arena for Xbox One in the download link below.

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