An Airbag System For Your Cell Phone?

We’ve all done it. Dropped our expensive phone only to have it either damaged or destroyed because of the fall. Well, have no fear. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has invented the mobile phone airbag system.

Bezos apparently applied for the patent back in February of 2010 and it became public today. The patent is for an airbag system for mobile phones and portable devices. The airbag system detects when it is being dropped and would deploy some sort of damage protection system, like an airbag.

“While the size and weight of portable devices make them convenient to carry around, these characteristics often make them more susceptible to damage and loss. With the number of cellular phones in use exceeding several billion and repairs typically exceeding $25, the costs of damage and loss of cellular phones amounts to billions of dollars per year,” the patent application states.

“The technology described herein is a system and method for protecting a portable device from damage due to an impact with a surface. As described herein, various embodiments utilize a damage avoidance system that detects a risk of damage to the portable device caused by an uncontrolled impact with a surface and takes steps to reduce or eliminate that risk. For example, the damage avoidance system may detect that the portable device is no longer in contact with a user and is uncontrollably moving toward a surface such that, upon impact, there is a risk of damage to the portable device. Upon detecting the risk of damage and prior to impact with the surface, the damage avoidance system activates a protection system having one or more protection elements that work in concert to reduce or prevent damage to the portable device upon impact with the surface,” the patent application further explains.

This airbag technology would deploy in a way that would absorb the impact lessening the damage. Rather than a shattered screen, you will likely get a few scratches instead.

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