Agency Analytics plans to add Bing Ads support in Spring 2017

Agency Analytics is a piece of web-based software that assists online marketers with their marketing campaigns. It brings a few tools all into one place, such as Google AdWords statistics, Google Analytics and Search Rankings. These tools are useful for marketers who need to keep an eye on how a website is ranking for certain keywords, as well as to see if the advertisements are generating sales and/or leads.

The service offers fairly tight integration with Google’s online tools, such as AdWords, Analytics and Webmaster Tools (now Search Console), however, it offers only very basic integration with Bing – showing just the rankings overall.

One of our sources at the company has informed OnMSFT that they plan to add Bing Ads support to the platform in Spring 2017. It is on their development schedule. Unfortunately, they have no plans for implementing support for Bing Webmaster Tools, meaning that users will still only see basic information when it comes to rankings and search analysis for Bing.

Bing Ads integration with Agency Analytics will allow users to assess how well their advertising campaigns are performing, by looking at statistics such as conversions, cost and clicks. This data can be compared to Google AdWords and also used for generating reports.

As Bing continues its growth, capturing over 20% of the search market in April 2015. Microsoft has also been forecasting growing revenue from Bing Ads year-on-year in its quarterly financial reports. This is likely to force more people to begin to take Bing seriously when it comes to online marketing.

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