Adventure thriller game Oxenfree arrives on Windows 10 -
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Adventure thriller game Oxenfree arrives on Windows 10

Are you a fan of supernatural thrillers? If so, Night School Studio has got a new game for you to download right to your Windows 10 PC.

The game, Oxenfree, is now available for Windows 10 for the price of $19.99.  In the early parts of the game, you will be sneaking through hidden beaches, build bonfires, and explore abandoned towers and deep caves. Later, however, things will take a turn for the worst when you accidentally open a ghostly rift to the island's dark past.

This game will test your handling of fears, isolation, frights, and the scary creatures you have accidentally unleashed.  There is no hiding, no staying safe, and of course, no turning back.

Oxenfree is now available for Windows 10 PC's, but to ensure quality performance you should first check your PC against those listed in the Windows Store.  At minimum, you should ensure that your device has a DX9.0c Supported Graphics Card with at least 1 GB of VRAM and an Intel Core i3 2.0GHz processor.

Once you've checked your specs, you can go ahead and download the game by clicking below.

Developer: Night School Studio
Price: $9.99

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